Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yesterday while visiting Andy Keating at Hoa Binh Hotel (Long Xuyen, An Giang Vietnam) on another charity initiative, we connected with Tad Kincaid and to learn some excellent news about Khai Tri Orphanage. So we will be visiting the 8 am computer class this morning to see the library Winnetka Rotary & Library Project Vietnam helped built in action.

 Yes. I just ran into Tom. I am here with a team of HR and recruiting experts from Facebook and Box who are here supporting Orphan Impact to improve the "career preparation" component of our project. We are visiting orphanages in 3 provinces.

Side note: We started teaching our computer class at Khai Tri in June 2014. Going well so far. 6 classes each week. 54 participating students.
If you guys are free tonight or tomorrow, stop by.

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