Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer of 2008 will be remembered by the Khai Tri Kids - Their 1st Talent Show

Tom headed back to Vietnam this summer to help with another mission for the http://www.medicalaidforvietnam.org/ I joined him to experience the raining season and visit the Vientiane Capital, Laos. One of the unexpected surprises was to notice the kids English was significantly better than in January '08. We also met Thu & Will (visiting faculty at AGU.edu.vn from Michigan). Thu explained the kids had a five week summer camp which was lead by an American from California. We also found out Khai Tri had their first talent show and we were given a two hour DVD. I'm trying to upload the video to the internet, but the video file is HUGE ... Stay tune and i'll replace the screen shot below with a link to Google!video when I have everything sorted out.