Monday, April 9, 2012

Meeting with AGU RCCD and New School in An Giang Province

Two years ago we asked Library Chuck to drop off a Classmate TabletPC (CMPC) with An Giang University's Resource Center for Community Development (RCCD) -- click here for the posting in this blog. We also donated the same Classmate TabletPC (CMPC) to Dr. Jade Stanley @ for her to bring to a primary school she works with in Jamaica. By having two centers focused on community development, we hope they can combine resources in both countries.

The kids in Khai Tri Orphanage are truly amazing but the administration is not mature enough to accept donations from an NGO in a trustworthy manner for us. On this trip we connected with the largest primary school in Long Xuyen, Le Qui Don. The school has well over 1,600 students serving 1st through 5th grade. We believe there are 38 classrooms and the 3rd grade class we visited had 52 students. Talking to the 3rd grade Teacher, Vinh Mai, we learned that the class size is supposed to be 35 students per teacher but it's such a popular school for parents to send their kids that 50 kids per room is common.

We decided to let Vinh borrow our Classmate TabletPC we brought to the RCCD in April 2010 for the next 6 weeks so he can experiment using it with the kids at Le Qui Don. Here are some photos from this trip:

Here is Tom showing CMPC to Vice Principal at Le Qui Don Primary School.

3rd Graders using CMPC at Le Qui Don Primary School (Long Xuyen, An Giang Vietnam)

RCCD visit by Teacher from Le Qui Don Primary School where we gave them a CMPC to borrow for six weeks to experiment with his students.

We have our next trip planned for June where we can jointly determine if this school would like to work on this e-Learning For Kids project with us.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next Visit to Khai Tri Orphanage is Planned for April 2012

We have several projects in Vietnam and will definitely stop by Khai Tri in our next trip planned for April 2012.