Friday, August 1, 2008

Khai Tri Kids Doctor's & Dentist Report (hum .. or "Football" Report)

Tom suggested that the July 2008 mission stops by Khai Tri Orphanage to check on the kids. Our understanding (which we receive contradictory information) is that the kids probably do not have access to quality medical and dental care. Well when the doctors and dental teams arrived the kids we so healthy that the spent most of the time of playing football (which we call soccer in the United States) with the boys. The kids were great and gave the medical team an amazing workout. Thu (an English teacher at An Giang University) shared that Khai Tri played football in a tournament with another school the week before and won too.

A few days later, the medical mission returned to give the Khai Tri kids a gift. Four of the dental & pharmacy team members from Vancouver bought a ping pong table for the kids to have more fun. After the team returned to the North American, Tom and I sat down with Khai Tri's principal and he agreed to put the ping pong table in the Innovation Center we built since there was plenty of room. We'll ask our friends at An Giang University for pictures to share and make sure the ping pong table is not locked up and not used.